Toukon Martial Arts

Washington Village Hall, Valley Forge, Washington, Tyne and Wear, NE38 7JN.

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Tel: 07939011255


We incorporate all 3 main rule sets of FC, K1 and Muay Thai into our training. 

Samurais (4-7yrs)

Our classes starts from 4yrs old. These classes are specifically designed for 4-7year olds with an achievement badge reward system in place to track students progression.

Kickstart (8yrs – 16yrs)

During our sessions we will use focus pads, punch bags & kickshields as well as shadow boxing to improve technique and sparring.

Advanced (8yrs-16yrs)

Our academy is very active in competitions gaining much success at all levels of events.

Adults (16yrs+)

Ladies Only (16yrs+)

 Toukon Martial Arts

Washington Village Hall
Valley Forge
Tyne and Wear
NE38 7JN

  Telephone: 07939011255